“OARS has been extremely helpful when I sit with site leadership teams to review assessment results. We can "drill down" to the classroom and student levels and actually track progress over time. Fantastic!”


User-Friendly Interface

OARS has gained a well-deserved reputation for being easy to use and instructionally focused. The interface is clean and simple, making it easy for users to find the tools they need.

Formative Assessments

Whether you want to use an assessment that came with your adopted materials or you want to build your own, OARS can support you. The reports available in OARS help teachers identify successes and challenges, and make it easy to plan interventions for students who need them.


There’s something for everyone in OARS. Easy-to-read graphs and charts can be generated with a click or two, while powerful query tools allow ‘power’ users to dig deeper into the results.


Build your own assessments by choosing items from a library of 36,000 standards-based items. These items match the rigor and academic language of items found on the CST, and offer a broad variety of ways to assess each standard. Pre-built CST and CAHSEE Library Tests are also available.

Intervention Groups

Create lists of students based on any criteria you like: students struggling with a particular concept; students participating in a special program; students needing additional enrichment. Share these groups with other users, and run any report you like for students in your Intervention Group to monitor their progress.

ScanOARS: Plain Paper Scanning

ScanOARS is our answer to plain-paper scanning–but we’ve done it better than the rest. Larger bubbles, custom-designed answer sheets for many assessments, and powerful error-detection and correction features ensure that your data are accurate.

Online Assessment

Assessments built in the INSPECT Item Bank can be administered online. Students can take tests in a computer lab, from home, or from a classroom computer, depending on how you administer this feature. Add to this the benefit of saving all the paper necessary for paper-based assessment.

Share with Parents

The Individual Student Report has become an incredibly popular feature with parents, as it pulls together all the information that OARS has for a student: CELDT, STAR, CAHSEE, Demographics, Course Enrollment, and Local Assessments. And, color coding makes it easy to identify strengths and challenges.

Powerful Query Tools

While many formatted reports are available with just a few clicks, the Multiple Measures tool allows users to create, save, and share powerful reports that pull together data from local assessments, state assessments, CELDT, demographics, and even report card marks.

Standards-Based Report Card

Many of our districts implement their standards-based report cards in OARS. The ability to populate attendance data, select pre-defined comments, print Spanish-language documents, and batch-print report cards has made this optional module extremely popular.