“This assessment system is fantastic. It does so much more than I have even been able to explore. It can meet the simplest of needs for beginning users and be extended to perform difficult data searches and graphs.”


What We Do

At Red Schoolhouse Software, we make and support OARS, the Online Assessment Reporting System. OARS is a comprehensive suite of tools for collecting, reporting, and analyzing student assessement results and demographic information. OARS is powerful, instructionally-focused, user-friendly, cost effective, and easy to deploy.

Learn more about OARS here.

Company History

Red Schoolhouse Software was founded in 2002 when we took on our first client, an urban district in Southern California, comprised of about 18,000 students. Since then, we’ve grown dramatically!

In 2003, Red Schoolhouse Software was selected as an approved provider of data management software for Reading First school districts across California and demand for OARS skyrocketed. Our clients quickly discovered that OARS could be a powerful tool for teachers and administrators in all grades, from Pre-K to 12, and in all subject areas.

As of September 1, 2009, more than 100 school districts–large and small, urban and rural–are now using OARS. Learn more about our clients and what they’ve said about our software here.

Axel Shalson, Founder

Axel started his teaching career in Compton Unified School District in 1995 as a participant in the Teach for America program. He taught a 4/5 combination class for two years before transferring to the Los Angeles Unified School District where he taught a bilingual Kindergarten class.

With the guidance of some excellent mentors, Axel got involved in grant writing and program evaluation, successfully writing more than $100 million in grants for school districts across California. During this time, Axel also continued to develop his lifelong interest in technology.

It was during his time as an Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator for LAUSD’s Local District G that he first conceived of developing an easy to use web-based tool for capturing and analyzing assessment results. OARS started as a pet project that Axel developed during his free time as a favor for his friend and colleague, a Reading Coach Coordinator.

Axel is the Founder, President, and CEO of Red Schoolhouse Software. He continues to guide the development of OARS, and provides support to clients. You can reach him by sending a message on our contact form, or by sending him an email directly at axel@redschoolhouse.com.